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This is the part of the site that is almost totally managed with ssh and vim. No fancy blogging tools or database involvement, except on the library search page. This is why it looks a bit old-school, though I will keep fiddling with the CSS....

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New Car Picture, New Car Picture 2.

River reads a story, surrounded by little injured children:

River: (sweet voice) "And the beautiful princess every night prayed for
her handsome prince... "

River: (continuing) "... to fight through the terrible ivy of thorns
and climb up to her room and slay all the wicked, evil demons... "

River: (much later, sweetly sing-songy) "And then the beautiful princess
got tired of waiting for her handsome prince and tried to escape, but
they found her and to punish her they locked her in a smelly, white,
cold room where the evil blue demons strapped electrodes to her face
and started to shock her. Zap, zap, zap, until she couldn't stop
screaming. Only no one could hear."

(River remains smiling; the kids not so much.  In fact, they're just a
little bit freaked out by the story and by the freaky lady telling it)
				--Unfilmed Episode, "Dead or Alive"