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No Weight Loss Eating Whipped Cream Out of Can
Weight Gain Realizing "Caveman Diet" is Stupid
Stale iPod Playlists Fell Off Treadmill
Sabotaging Associates Fat Wii Fit Avatar
Ate a Bagel, now I'm Bloated (South Beach Diet Only) Did Diet Because Oprah Lost Weight on it, then Oprah Got Fat Again
Cold Weather for Exercising Tired of Measuring Exactly 4 Ounces of Wine
Diet Food Tastes Awful I Look Like the Michelin Man
Junk Food Withdrawal I Still Have Over 30 Pounds To Go?!?
Still Squishing Out of Jeans Weigh-In Day Is Stressful
Sick of Counting Food Points I Suck for Getting Fat in the First Place
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