This is the Crow202 Site, the blog/website/whatever of Matt Graham/Dances With Crows. My non-dynamic page, and my resume. For right now, I’ll be updating this blog at least once a day, and posing a photo I’ve taken or something that I’ve drawn on at least one of the entries. New content is always worth something, eh?


Q: What is Fuzzball’s real name?
A: Her name’s Moira, pronounced “MOY-ruh”. It’s Gaelic for “Mary”. A lot of people can’t pronounce this for some reason.

Q: What is this programming project you’re working on?
A: All will be revealed when I have a working prototype where I’m reasonably happy with how clean the code is.

Q: Do all of the pictures have hovertext on them?
A: Almost all of them.

I was going to write a blogging system from scratch, but figured that’d be reinventing the wheel. So, I’m editing the CSS by hand. Fun? Interesting. It’s funny how much the layout tags for HTML have improved since I did HTML seriously. No more <table> for layout! This is a good thing.