scared kitten, captioned 'Oh crap, Monday is approaching.'
*crackle* *pshtt* We interrupt this period of silence for an important announcement.

This tumblr site about applying neural networks to paint colors, movie titles, heavy metal band names, and recipes made me laugh harder than I have in months. In fact, I had to go to the github site where the neural network stuff lives a couple of days ago and download it just to see if I could do something similar with input files of my own. Did it work? Sort of. I’ve posted the output from earlier today on another static page. I mean, video games called “Starship Soccer” and “Ninja Gaiden III: The Secret Pastel”? Neural networks are currently not very good at coherent long-form anything, but the previous pages show that they can work just fine for short-form surreal comedy. I will probably update that static page with more stuff over the next few days as I continue to fine-tune the video game name generator.

(NOTE: The software’s pretty alpha. I wouldn’t recommend trying to use char_rnn unless you’re running Ubuntu or OS X because they didn’t bother to make it portable.)

End Of Line. *crackle*