Far too much has happened, and most of it hasn’t been that good. On Christmas Eve, the kitchen drain got clogged. The plumber couldn’t fix it—the pipes had not been set up to make fixing the clog possible. So instead of having Christmas dinner at my place, we had to have it at Stephanie’s place, since I couldn’t wash dishes at my place. Argh. At least dinner mostly worked. The plumber fixed the pipes on Dec. 27, but the drywall is still utterly horked up, because the plumbers just do plumbing, not drywall, and I’ve got to get a drywall guy to fix the holes in the wall at some point.

Anyway. We had probably the largest volume of Christmas presents ever piled in front of the penguin tree, since Stephanie’s keyboard bag and keyboard stand were huge. Christmas dinner also worked well, even with the venue change. We had my parents, Steve, and Joy over for shrimp with crab, red beans and rice, turducken, potatoes, salad, brioche, and fruit. Stephanie actually managed to deal with that with less than 24 hours advance warning, which is pretty awesome.

And that’s about it. Lots of stuff has happened; I just don’t feel like writing about it in detail….