ipod shuffle, 1944 wartime nickel, very old and worn buffalo nickelThe last month or so has been really busy. I really haven’t felt like writing here, because there’s been so little time to say anything. The picture is here because a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a nickel I’d gotten in change was a funny color. I took a closer look at it and found it was a 1944 wartime nickel. These didn’t have any nickel in them—they were made from copper, silver, and manganese, because nickel was necessary for making tank armor. It’s probably worth more than 5 cents, but probably not more than 25 cents. I’ve had the badly worn buffalo nickel on the right for about 25 years. It’s probably not worth anything because it’s been so heavily abused.

And Stephanie got me an iPod shuffle as a slightly-early birthday present. If it were any smaller, it’d be almost impossible to use with your fingers. At least I was able to get it to work with gtkpod, so I don’t have to fool around with iTunes’s interface fascism.

Saw the baseball game on Saturday with Stephanie. That was fun, though the game took forever, and we left a bit after 9pm. Sunday, Stephanie cooked a huge dim sum lunch with duck for all the trivia group and some other folks. Monday, I had the day off, so I spent a lot of time relaxing and went out to dinner with Stephanie.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update this from now on. There are enormous, nay, ludicrous amounts of stupidity ahead at work, and dealing with those will consume a bunch of time and sanity.