white cat saying 'I sense evil' as black cat sneaks up on white catLong time between entries, as there’s been a lot of stuff going on. Stephanie left on Sunday for a conference in Indiana. Ordinary work things all week.

Trivia on Tuesday, with most of the usual crew, where we got 3rd place. During trivia, I saw that there’s a ballplayer for the Brewers who’s named Corey Hart. He was not wearing sunglasses at night, though, and Kelli thought that was terrible. I hadn’t seen Nathan in a while. He said he’s lost a lot of weight. He also said, “When I’m bored or I have nothing to do, I tend to cook elaborate meals and then eat them. I’ve been trying not to do that.” I guess everyone needs a hobby, and cooking is less bad than many things.

Wednesday, I had the day off. I did laundry, read, petted Moira, and took some canned goods to the food bank. There was going to be Rock Band 3, but Steve had to stay late at work, so it didn’t happen. Ah well.

Thursday is Patrick’s last day at work. End of an era and all that. Sigh. We’re all going to get dinner at a nearby pub after work, so I’ll probably get back late and won’t be able to write an entry up. Anyway….