guinea pig sitting on another guinea pig's back, caption 'He ain't heavy, he's mah brother'The big excitement last week was Patrick’s farewell thing on Thursday night. I think almost everybody showed up. This was sort of fun and sad at the same time. Oh well. And, of course, when I got back and took care of Stephanie’s cats, I found that Pinto had knocked a lot of stuff off the bookshelf and broken a picture frame. Cats. Sigh.

Friday after work, I picked Stephanie up from the airport. She was kind of tired from the trip and the conference.

Saturday, not that much happened. Sunday, we went to meet Nacho and Luly at Rocket Burger, which was actually pretty good. They have a large set of coolers with hundreds of varieties of gourmet pop. Nacho thought that was really cool. I did too, since I got to try Diet Dr. Cane, which is really pretty good.

I finished reading David Zindell’s Ea Cycle. It was OK. Not insanely great, actually not as good as his previous Requiem for Homo Sapiens trilogy, but it was worth reading. Even if the protagonist is sort of a Mary Sue. The last 2 books in the series haven’t been released in the USA yet, so I had to pay too much to have them shipped from booksellers in Australia and the UK. Fair dinkum, mate, we’ll throw a fantasy potboiler on the barbie for ya!

Not really that much happened Monday. This can be a good thing.