large tortoise eating lettuceMonday. <SARCASM> Always a good day. </SARCASM> Well, at least it wasn’t too bad. I did a bunch of ordinary work stuff. Things are probably not going to be quiet and normal for a while, though. Jeff’s taking early retirement in May, Garrett’s quitting and moving to California in June. These things will mean more work for me, of course.

When I got home, I spent some more time trying to deal with my nVidia card’s TV-out. This is what I found after trying the 3 Xorg drivers available: (nvidia’s binary-only, nv is Free and has a long history, nouveau is Free and a lot newer.)

nvidia: TV-out works great, so does accelerated 3D. However, there’s inescapable graphics corruption that occurs at random and is really annoying.

nv: TV-out doesn’t work at all, and there’s no 3D. However, there’s no graphics corruption ever.

nouveau: TV-out sort of works, and with more time, I might figure out how to make it actually work right. 3D is slow, and there’s some graphics corruption, but it’s much less prevalent and less annoying than with the nvidia module.

Not sure what to do with all this. I may end up asking the nouveau devs for help. However, if corruption is happening in 3D with both nouveau and nvidia, it may be that my graphics card has had some sort of hardware failure, and no fooling with software will fix it. (Been There, Done That.) The card’s 5.5 years old—which is positively ancient in graphics card terms.

Apparently, Stephanie’s installed Ubuntu on an older laptop she had. I think Steve and I have had some sort of influence on her. Of course, she might try to use Unity and say, “AAAAGH! This user interface is terrible! I hate it, and I’m never listening to you about operating systems or desktop environments ever again!”