Bloom County cartoon from when Oliver hacked into the NYSE and displayed the message 'avast, ye scurvy dogs, Bank of America is about to go belly up!' on the big boardWell, the stock market sort of barfed on Tuesday, but what can you do? Not much.

Work wasn’t all that fun. Garrett’s peeved at the company and the whole development process, and said as much during today’s meeting. It doesn’t really matter to him; he’s quitting and moving to California.

I got TV-out working (mostly) on my Linux box, using the nouveau module, by dint of experience and reading stuff from the European Monks. The TV was sort of working, but there was no color and its vertical hold was off. I saw “mode: PAL” in the output from xrandr -q, which made me think, “Hey! My TV’s an American TV, so it doesn’t do PAL. It only does NTSC-M. So. . . .” And then I found that there was no way to change the TV-encoder parameter from userspace, and no way to modify the nouveau module’s parameters since I’d built the silly thing into the kernel. So: Edit the right part of the kernel code so the default TV encoder’s NTSC-M, rebuild kernel, reboot with new kernel, and the TV-out immediately starts working fine. Grrr.

Not everything’s perfect though. I somehow made my mouse cursor disappear while trying things out. This isn’t insanely terrible, but I had to restart X to get the dang cursor back.

Also did my state taxes. Don’t know why it took this long for me to get around to it.
cat taking possession of keyboard and mouse, saying 'mine! also mine!'

Also also, I got a message late last night from somebody in Britain saying, “We’re looking for blogs without advertising on them, because we want to put text ads on them, and we would give you a yearly fee for this.” Not sure whether to do that or not. Money’s nice, but advertising in general really annoys me, and I’m not sure I want to subject people who read this to ads.