kitten playing with coffee mug, looking like it's drinking coffeeWednesday had a reasonable number of ordinary work things. It also had a retirement lunch for 3 people who’d taken the early buyout. This was nice, but I’m sure we’ll miss these folks when they’re gone.

Then when I got the usual Golden Eggroll food, they said, “Um, it’ll take longer than usual. OK?” I really didn’t have much choice, so I said OK. Moira meowed so much and so often that I gave her some canned food to quiet her down for a couple of hours. Stephanie said she’d be late because of traffic. Steve got here on time, so we talked about video cards and TVs. Stephanie got here late, but before the food showed up.

So we ate, then played some Rock Band 3, and that was fun. What wasn’t fun was not being able to go to sleep that night. Every time I was on the verge of snoozing, somebody started yelling loudly in the parking lot and/or Moira started meowing. I finally sacked out around midnight.

So, on Thursday, I was drinking coffee like the above kitten in order to stay awake. There were some minor kerfluffles and some odd-sounding database stupidity. Aaron said he was going to have a party on Friday for the hockey game (Coyotes in round 2 of the playoffs for the first time ever! AHWOOOOO!!!!) but I’m not going to be able to go to that. His house is a long way away, and I’m still on call this week. Guess I’ll watch at least part of the game from my couch, since there’s no way I’ll be able to afford tickets.