red rocks visible from the Lizard Head TrailHere’s another picture from the Sedona trip. This was taken somewhere on the Lizard Head Trail.

Work actually hasn’t had that much happen this week. We’ve got a new employee on the team—this will be really useful later on, and will take some of the pressure off the rest of us. Of course, it took several days for them to actually get his network login and password to work properly.

In non-work stuff, Tuesday, we went to trivia and saw everyone. Apparently, Zach’s younger brother Malachi isn’t just visiting, he’s moved to Casa Grande and is staying for an extended period of time. I’d thought he was just visiting for a week or so. Ah well. Kelli said that Moira had been good while Kelli was taking care of her. (Moira’s never good while I’m taking care of her.) So that was nice.

Wednesday had some more pretty ordinary work things. Steve and Stephanie came over for Rock Band 3, though they were delayed a bit because of terrible traffic on I-10. We all dined on boneless buffalo chicken strips and red beans and rice. Steve’s job is asking him to work more overtime than I’d want to deal with, but Steve seems to be dealing well.

Thursday saw some more stuff. Stephanie wants to go to a concert on Apr. 21. The Braves are playing the Diamondbacks here from Apr. 19..22, so I’d like to see the baseball game on Apr. 22. At work, a few problems get resolved. Our new guy is still unable to log in to the corporate-approved IM system, though they finally got his mail fixed. <SARCASM>I’m glad the Gannett-approved IM system is so much easier to use and so much more reliable than the free 3rd-party IM system that all of us have accounts on for the many, many times when the Gannett-approved IM system shits itself for no reason.</SARCASM>