Justin Upton pinch hitting in 2011Sunday, Stephanie and I went to see the Braves play the Diamondbacks. This worked out pretty well. We rode the light rail to the game. Of course, everybody else also was riding the light rail, so it was really crowded and we couldn’t sit down. Ah well. It took longer than I’d thought to get to the game, so we barely had time to buy lunch before finding our seats.

The game was pretty good. Stephanie got up to go walk around and shop at the bottom of the 2nd inning, which was sort of a mistake, as the Braves loaded the bases, then walked Kennedy, the Diamondbacks pitcher, in for a run. And then Parra hit a grand slam. It was exciting baseball, and it was good to see the Diamondbacks win one.

We took the light rail home, and it was even more crowded than going there had been. Ah well. I made shrimp scampi for dinner, which was pretty tasty, and we watched “Project Nim”, a documentary about the first chimp they tried to teach sign language to. I’d read a bit about Nim in Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden a long time ago, but the film provided a bit more info. Basically, chimps are mean bastards, and their language skills aren’t great, but Nim probably wasn’t as dumb as Sagan made him out to be. The people running the project probably weren’t running it as well as they could’ve, since they were sort of flying blind.

cat looking very peeved and saying 'this is why we can't have nice things'Monday seemed to last forever—people kept asking me to do “just one small thing”, so I didn’t make that much progress on the larger things that the bosses wanted. Sigh.

Also, I heard from the people who contacted me about advertising on this blog. I thought they wanted to put in a text ad (or several text ads) the way Google and other advertisers do on their right rail. Nope. The people at moredigital.com wanted me to write a blog entry and/or HTML page that praised their clients. They offered me $130 to do this.

I said no.

Marketing and advertising, in general, are morally and ethically questionable, and I really don’t feel comfortable taking money to be a shill. I want to have the freedom to be completely honest on this blog, and if I accept money from others to talk about things I don’t care about, I’ve compromised that honesty. I can see why many people and organizations have compromised themselves for money, but I’ve got enough money right now to tell the marketers to take a hike.

I hope I won’t have to write advertising drivel to keep food on the table. I think Bill Hicks said it well: If you’re in marketing or advertising, kill yourself.