pre-Columbian Indian ruins west of SedonaThis is one view of the ancient ruins we saw while on the Jeep tour west of Sedona.

Anyway, Friday was notable mostly for going out on a long walk to Five Guys for lunch. Mmm, dead cows and potatoes. Stephanie and I bought some more tickets for the gigantic lottery, but neither of us won anything. This is only to be expected.

Saturday, I didn’t really do all that much. Moira meowed a lot. I found that a couple of books I was interested in (the 4th and 5th of David Zindell’s The Lightstone series) had never been published in the USA and had to be special-ordered from Britain. What? Well, the publishing industry isn’t supposed to be sensible. Oh well.

Sunday had more stuff going on. I got a panicked work ticket right before lunch that was actually valid, though I wondered why they hadn’t called me hours before. I did a bunch of laundry and got groceries, made sure my TuxOnIce patch worked with kernel 3.2.13, talked on the phone with my parents, and made pork enchiladas for myself and Stephanie. We then watched some more of “Firefly” and fired up Skype so we could talk to Stephanie’s parents and aunt. This was interesting, even though we had some trouble with the lighting—we were pretty terribly backlit, and I tried to fix it but couldn’t. Anyway. It all worked out. . . .