rock art showing a human figure holding a baby up to a solar symbolSo. Friday, we ate breakfast at the hotel (cereal and vegetarian breakfast burritos), then went into town. We decided to go on the “Ancient Ruins” Pink Jeep Tour, scheduling it for 1pm, and then spent some time walking up and down and looking at all the tourist stores. This was kind of interesting. I didn’t see much that I actually wanted to buy, though.

We ate lunch, then got on the jeep for the tour. This was different from the tour I’d taken years ago. It wasn’t raining, and the tour took longer since the ancient ruins were quite a ways west of town. The ruins are only accessible via miles of primitive road. We still saw a few ordinary sedans using the road. But once we got to the ruins, we spent about an hour walking around and looking at the remains of the settlement that had been there in pre-Columbian times. There was a bunch of rock art. Because it was mid-afternoon when we got there, most of it was in full sunlight, so getting pictures of it was a bit difficult. I tried anyway.

On the way back, several of the passengers talked about the DARPA Grand Challenge and the possibility for advanced navigation software to take the place of human jeep drivers. I said that no matter how advanced the software got, it’d have a really hard time performing the important function of telling bad jokes to the passengers.

Stephanie wanted to go on a hike after the tour was over. So we drove out to the trailhead, but I got us lost in the process. We eventually found it. We spent some time walking around on the Lizard Head Trail and another trail close to that one. And then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner.

There’s not that much exciting nightlife in Sedona, so we watched “In Time”, which the local movie critic totally hated. I didn’t think the movie was as terrible as that. It was still better as a DVD than paying full price in a theatre.

Saturday, we forgot to set the alarm and woke up late. Oops. This meant we didn’t have a lot of time to go get breakfast at the Coffee Pot restaurant. (Trevor said, “You have to go to the Coffee Pot! Everyone goes there!” at John’s party.) But anyway, the food there was good. Then we checked out and went back downtown for another run through the tourist stores. Stephanie needed to get some stuff for her cow-orkers.

Then we went home. This worked out reasonably well. I saw that the jackpot for one of Arizona’s lotteries was over $350 million, so Stephanie and I both put in about $7 and we bought some tickets. This is probably throwing money away, considering the odds, but what the heck.

Sunday, not that much happened. I got a call from work early in the morning, since my furlough was over and they could call me. Argh. It was reasonably easy to fix, it just took a while. Got groceries, made dinner. Stephanie and I watched a couple of episodes of Firefly, since I’d mentioned that to her earlier.