rectangular rock art in white on a cliff wall near SedonaMore rock art! This was a little more interesting in person, because rock art doesn’t seem to photograph well in afternoon sunlight.

Wednesday was reasonably normal. I saw that I hadn’t won anything in the lottery that morning—which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Work had some annoying bits, but we managed to get some useful things done. The plan was to have Rock Band 3 with Steve, but Steve couldn’t make it thanks to his work wanting him to work overtime. Argh. So Stephanie and I had takeout Chinese food without Steve, and we sang/played a bunch of songs. Stephanie made a profile and made her own character, since she hadn’t done that yet.

Thursday had some semi-interesting stuff at work. I’d submitted a request on Monday. It had been held up, as it was waiting on approval from a guy. We went to talk to that guy. He said, “Oh, yeah. I can’t approve that because I don’t have access to the Lotus Notes database.” What? Argh. Anyway, I think that’s been fixed. It’s just. . . typical that some sort of bizarre weirdness would prevent somebody from being able to approve stuff that needed to be approved.

And then I got a panicked urgent request to modify some stuff on a website that my team doesn’t have access to, has never had access to, and is hosted in a completely different datacenter. Apparently, they called me because A) it’s a website B) my team does website things C) if they called the third party who could actually fix the problem, they’d have to pay money to that third party. Good grief. I’m thinking the whole stupid situation happened because some “decision maker” somewhere didn’t understand anything about what they were actually doing. This is far more common than it should be. I don’t know how to fix it though.