Snoopy Rock at Sedona, a rock formation that looks sort of like Snoopy lying on his back on top of his doghouse in the old Peanuts comicSnoopy Rock! This required some post-processing, but I think it turned out OK.

Monday was back to work. Five tons of things had happened. I didn’t get much of a chance to work on anything new, because I was busy fixing all the stuff that had broken and I didn’t get a chance to fix while on furlough.

And I found a package in the mail on Monday. It was a couple of books, from Teh Nacho. YAY! Books are always nice to get. The City and The City should be neat, whenever I can get around to reading it. (China Miéville is a Marxist, but he can write good fiction. . . .)

Tuesday, I had to suffer through a really pointless 2.5 hour conference call while trying to field plaintive requests from people who didn’t really know what they needed but wanted it all right now. Then there was another 2 hour meeting, followed by a protracted session of trying to fix an inexperienced coder’s badly specified problems.

After I got home and had dinner, I tried an experiment: I installed the latest and greatest new VPN from work. This is the 3rd VPN that they’ve used in the 3.8 years I’ve been with the company—which is a bad sign in itself. It also has the worst functionality of all of the VPNs they’ve used. Several things that my team absolutely requires are completely impossible with the way the new VPN’s set up. I don’t know who’s in charge of deciding what to use, but whoever it is is apparently a complete dumbass. I’ve heard that they switched to this new VPN because it was cheaper than the old one, but that really doesn’t make any sense, because Free as in beer and speech VPN software for all major platforms exists. If the VPN problems can’t be solved—and soon—then this’ll cost the company a significant amount of money. I have a feeling the people who make decisions either don’t know about this, don’t care about this, or are incapable of understanding this.