fennec fox sleeping with paws outAnyway. I haven’t been updating this, since I’ve been on furlough and relaxing and doing stuff. Current events: Facebook is being evil and stupid, which should really surprise no one.

But: Last Sunday, Stephanie and I went to Peter Piper Pizza with John, a bunch of his friends, and the trivia group. We all dressed up in suits and formal dresses for this. OK, this was kind of weird, but what the heck—we all had fun. Stephanie and I spent some time playing skee-ball, then playing a “Terminator: Salvation” video game where the main objective was to shoot evil robots. (I didn’t think Stephanie was much on shooting evil robots, but she wasn’t too bad at it. . . .)

Wednesday, we had the usual Rock Band 3 with Steve, though we had pork chops and black beans and rice instead of Chinese food. This worked out well.

Thursday, Stephanie and I drove up to Sedona. It’s been at least 13 years since I’ve been there, so I figured it was time to go back. We got a pretty good hotel room, but it was kind of far away from the rest of town. No matter. We went to a mall and browsed around for a while. I saw some interesting-looking art, but it was priced too high for me to buy it. Most art is. Maybe someday, I’ll have enough spare time to actually work in pencil or acrylics again, and can make my own interesting-looking art for less money.

We ate at Barking Frog, which was actually a lot better than the one horrible review on Google made it sound. (The waitress did forget to bring me the drink I’d ordered, but that drink didn’t show up on the bill, so no worries.) That was about it—we’d gotten there too late to do much more than poke around a bit and eat dinner.

More later.