cat with paw out saying 'stop! Hammer time!'Another loooong week. The bus strike here in Phoenix/Tempe made it worse, since instead of riding the bus, I had to drive 2.5 miles to the light rail park-n-ride. This took about 20 minutes longer than taking the bus did. So I had less time than usual all week.

Had Rock Band 3 on Wednesday with Steve and Stephanie, and played more songs on Hard. Stephanie was highly caffeinated, so she sang a lot. Steve didn’t think he could make it that night, but was able to. Thursday, Stephanie and I went out to eat at a nearby Mexican restaurant. This was pretty good, and not all that expensive.

At least I wasn’t on call, and I managed to get a few things done, like updating a bunch of stuff on a bunch of machines and fixing a script that writes out a bunch of stuff. I updated the Tux On Ice patch for kernels 3.2.1 through 3.2.11 page with additional info and such.

I also found that you can’t have a /usr separate from / any more without doing silly things with initramfs, which made me just a bit annoyed on Friday night. I’ve had a separate /usr on my desktop for 12 years, without using initramfs. I don’t like using initrd/initramfs, because it’s yet another thing that has to be messed with and can go wrong. I don’t think the arguments in the previous link make a whole lot of sense, actually. Who cares about how Solaris does things? Also, having /usr shared across multiple machines via NFS only makes sense if you have an NFS server that never goes down. I’ve found that directly-connected IDE/SCSI/SATA disks are actually more reliable than your average NFS setup.

But anyway, thanks to work furloughs, I’m not supposed to do anything at all for work from 2012-03-18 to 2012-03-25. It’s sort of like an enforced vacation without pay. Maybe I’ll have some time to relax, do some reading, play some video games, and just do nothing over the next week. That’d be nice. . . .