very indifferent otterThere was a reasonable amount of stuff going on. But anyway.

Friday, I had the day off work, since I was on call the previous week. This was fun. I slept in, made good coffee, catered to Moira, and did some reading.

Saturday, I’d planned to go to the Renaissance Faire with Stephanie, Zach, and Sarah. This worked out well, but it sort of took all day. There was a whole lot of traffic. Stephanie and I got there about 10:30am, and we spent some time looking around before watching our first show, Lord Zarko’s Hypnotist Show. Lord Zarko explained a bit about hypnotism, then asked for volunteers. I volunteered to be hypnotized. (I’ve been hypnotized before, at a U of M show in 1996, and that worked well and entertained the audience, so I figured it’d work again.) As in 1996, I was a pretty good hypnotic subject. Zarko did several routines, but the best one was probably one where he had the woman to my left believe that I had pinched her butt, and had me act as though that was the funniest thing ever, while she became quite upset. (I never touched her, of course.) Zarko made it up to the woman a bit later, when he had her believe that she hadn’t seen her husband in six months, and then had her run to him, jump on him, and kiss him like she hadn’t seen him in six months.

Stephanie was in the audience through all of this, and she took a bunch of pictures. Zach and Sarah actually saw the last few minutes of the show. So we met them after the show was over, and then went to get some lunch. After that, we wandered around, looking at all the stores and crafts places. Zach wanted some tea, so we found some. Stephanie wanted to see Neidfyre the violinist (since we’d seen her a couple of years ago.) We did that. And after that, we just walked around some more. We left the faire at about 4:30, leaving Zach and Sarah there, since they’d gotten there later and wanted to look around some more.

Sunday, I did some fooling around with Tux On Ice, since the maintainer is busy, and doesn’t have time to do some stuff. I put together a Tux On Ice kernel patch for the 3.2.x kernel series that should work properly, though I’ve only tested it for 3.2.1, and only on the x86-32 architecture. Anyway. It is through small enhancements like this that progress is made in the open source world. . . .