Black cat on a staircase, cat's been copied and pasted many times, caption 'The copier's jammed again'Tuesday. Always fun. It seemed like there was a never-ending tide of requests and things to do. It didn’t help that one of us was sick, and one of the people upstairs is sick. Stuff is sort of coming together, not quite as smoothly or as quickly as the bosses would like, but actual progress is being made.

Then, of course, the database had a fit, and I had to get it working again. And when I was on the bus, I got a phone call saying that something really, really important had broken, and could I help fix it? Trying to talk on the phone and have someone else do semi-complex Linux tasks while on a noisy bus is not optimal. But when I finally got home and was able to look at a real computer, I found that the problem wasn’t with any system we were responsible for. Nope, some other people had done an unplanned reboot of something really important, and as a result, a bunch of stuff was completely unavailable for ~45 minutes. So naturally they called us. *sigh.