cat looking at piece of popcorn, caption 'NOT GOOD ENOUGH'This pretty much summed up Thursday. It started off with a machine dying, then we got it back up, then an obscure important piece wasn’t working because somebody else had never set that piece to start automatically on boot. Finding this took what seemed like forever. At least I fixed the problem and got it all documented.

More epic stupid happened later, but I’m not sure how to phrase it best just yet.

At least You Don’t Have to be Evil to Work Here, but It Helps by Tom Holt has been an amusing book to read on the bus. Colin and Cassie are both in love with the wrong people, and they’re trying to fix that, and Colin’s father has decided to sell his soul to the Devil. Also, Cassie’s firm has been acquired by some efficiency experts, so all the employees have to do assessments where they’re quizzed about their abilities to proactively synergize core competencies value-orientatedly moving forward. Some of the parody there is far too close to what I’ve heard people actually say. (Poe’s Law?) Anyway, I’m only halfway through it, and it’s got a lot of Britishisms in it, but it’s been fun so far.