baby otter next to white kitten, both sickeningly cuteFriday: not all that fun, since minor crises that we couldn’t really fix kept happening all morning. And then it was Larry’s last day, which was also annoying. It seems as though all the people who have the option to leave are taking it, which sort of alarms the local management. Naturally, corporate either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that we’re losing far too many smart and experienced people.

Saturday: normal weekend stuff, mostly. Did laundry, got groceries, amused Moira. Stephanie and I went to Volcano Buffet with Angel and Charles. This time, it was mostly the same as last time—mild broth on one side, medium-spicy broth on the other, beef, pork, fish balls, shrimp, oysters, veggies, and so forth. I saw that one of my chopsticks had a split in its butt end, so I tried to break the split piece off. This was a really bad idea. A sliver of bamboo ended up directly under my right thumbnail, which hurt. A lot. I couldn’t get it out, either. Charles volunteered to drive to a nearby evil Wal-Mart to get a pair of tweezers. I was able to clamp down on the pain after a couple of minutes, but it was still a relief when he showed up and I was able to remove the sliver. I can see why they used to torture people with bamboo slivers under their fingernails.

This was sort of embarrassing, but at least the food and conversation were good. We were there for at least two hours before we called it a night.