white rhino behind a wall, looking a bit grumpyMonday had the usual raft of work-related bits of silliness. But at least I got some stuff accomplished, which is sometimes all you can do. We interviewed a guy over the phone. We really need another person since we’re stretched pretty thin. I hope we find somebody that the bosses and the team can live with pretty quickly.

And apparently my washing machine has some sort of problem with its hot-water line. I tried to do a load of laundry the other day using warm/cold, regular cycle, and it leaked water all over the floor. At least I was home, so I could mop it all up and contain the damage. I tried running a short cycle using only cold water tonight, and there were no leaks. Well, this could be a lot worse—I can still wash clothes in cold water. I wonder if I can fix this myself, or if I’ll have to call a repairman.

We’re trying to get something set up where Stephanie, Angel, Charles, and I go out for dinner this weekend. I don’t know if we’re going to the Volcano Buffet or Tao Garden or somewhere totally different yet.