Cat saying 'Don't mind me, I are a pretty cloud'Anyway, it seems like five tons of things have been happening all week, which is why there haven’t been many entries here. Let’s see. Last Wednesday, had the usual Rock Band 3 with Steve and Stephanie, which was kind of fun.

Thursday, the department head took a few of us to the hockey game, which was really pretty fun. The Coyotes played scrappily, but couldn’t do more than tie the game in regulation, and they lost the shootout. I saw a beautiful goal by Gilbert Brule in the second period, though, so that was neat.

Saturday, I went over to Stephanie’s for dinner, and we finally got to see “Babylon 5: Thirdspace”. This was interesting. I’m not sure which series we’re going to watch next, though, since we’ve just about exhausted the Babylon 5 stuff that’s available. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That might work.

Sunday, not that much happened. Moira threw up in the middle of the morning, always fun. I got groceries and made dinner, then did some reading and played some old video games.