two cheetahs at the Phoenix Zoo having a serious napQuite a bit of stuff has been going on.

Friday: I almost, but didn’t quite, have the day off. I had to call in for a meeting at 10am. This only lasted a half-hour, but not too long after that, I got mail asking me to do a bunch of stuff. So I got some stuff done, but it really wasn’t quite like being off.

Saturday: Not that much work, at least. Stephanie had a bunch of books and stuff to get rid of, so we took those to Bookman’s, then took the stuff Bookman’s wouldn’t take to Goodwill. Then we went out to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. At least half the clientele was Vietnamese, and Stephanie said, “Matt, were you the only white guy in the restaurant?” after we’d left. I saw at least one other white guy eating lunch there, though, and the food was good.

We tried to watch “Babylon 5: Thirdspace” after dinner, but we found that the DVD was broken. Oops. So we fell back to the other DVD Stephanie had, “The Book of Eli”. This was better than I’d expected, even though the premise was ridiculous. (Over one billion copies of the Bible have been printed, so the idea that all copies of it except Eli’s have been destroyed seems just a bit unlikely.)

Sunday: Stephanie took some time off to go see her parents in San Diego, so I drove her to the airport. Then I got groceries, changed the air filter in my condo, amused Moira, and took care of Anna and Pinto. Not much else. I’m glad I’ll have the day off tomorrow.