grey crowned crane at the Phoenix ZooWednesday: had a long meeting about all the stuff that needed to be done at work. This really wasn’t all that useful for me, but maybe it was for other people. They’re not budging on the due date for the project, even though two of the most experienced people have left, which is really nice to see. At least we heard that our corporate overlords are thinking about not doing a really stupid thing they said they wanted to do.

Then I went over to Stephanie’s for Rock Band 3 and dinner with Steve. Stephanie had cooked a ton of food, so we feasted on stew, chicken with tequila, and pizza. Apparently, Steve doesn’t have any kids living with him now, so it’s just him and his dogs. And he said, “The first time Joy came over, we took the dogs for a walk. Now, every time she comes over, the dogs want to go for a walk.” Well, dogs know how to manipulate their owners.

Thursday: More work stuff, but Stephanie had given me leftovers from dinner, so at least lunch was taken care of. The coffee pot was empty, so I went to make more coffee. I found a package of coffee that was the right size and was sealed, but contained no coffee at all—just air. Quality control? What’s that? At least there were full packages of coffee available.

I was going to take the day off on Friday, but I’ll have to call in to work for a half-hour meeting. I think days off will be few and far between until the project gets finished. This won’t be fun, but it’ll be something we have to deal with, which is not always the most fun thing in the world.