several prairie dogs running aroundWednesday: Lots of stuff at work. Most annoying was a new project, which I finally got a chance to start on, which is going to take a lot longer than I thought because of a bunch of design decisions made years and years ago. At least it isn’t insanely urgent yet.

And then, it was the usual Wednesday night Rock Band 3, though Stephanie didn’t stay past dinner. Steve’s been having to work crazy hours. Zach showed up around 7:30pm since he was in town having dinner with other people. Steve said, “Yeah, I’ve been working a lot. But the boss said we’d get compensated well once everything starts working!” “Did you all get that offer in writing?” Zach said. “Um, no,” Steve replied. “You’re not going to get compensated,” Zach said, and everything I’ve seen about promises from management tells me that Zach is right. I hope Zach isn’t right, of course, but I fear that he is.

Thursday: It seemed like I couldn’t get five minutes’ peace all morning. The raft of requests didn’t let up all day, and culminated in somebody saying, “We noticed (problem) hours ago! Fix it! Now!” at 4:15pm. I just barely managed to find out what was wrong and fix it before leaving.

And, of course, I have to get up at 4am tomorrow to do some semi-complicated stuff with some servers.