hot pot boiling at the Volcano BuffetMonday: We both had the day off, so Stephanie took me to dinner at the Volcano Buffet, where we got the “hot pot”. The waiter brings out a small stove and a bowl of broth, and you put meat and vegetables into the broth until they’re cooked. This was interesting, since I’d never done it before. The food was pretty tasty, though the spicy side of the bowl had a whole lot of seeds or something in it. This made almost everything I cooked and ate in the spicy side have a very crunchy texture, which was a little odd. The waitress seemed to be impressed that I ordered “medium hot” for the broth and was able to handle it.

The restaurant was pretty crowded, and they apparently do karaoke starting at about 7pm. I hadn’t known that. But a large table full of people were enthusiastically belting out songs in Cantonese. The waitress asked me if I wanted to sing, and said, “We also have English songs!” when I demurred. (I’m not prepared for karaoke right now, unless it’s something that I’ve sung before in Rock Band.)

Tuesday: A bunch of stuff at work. Plus, of course, there are only two of us in the office for the rest of the week, because other people wanted vacation. This could get annoying.

Hosni Mubarak can be rearranged to spell “A Bum Honks Air”. Others have said that this Year In Review column is more depressing than most, but I thought it was funny enough.