scared gray kitten saying 'But where will we go, and what will we find?'Anyway, it’s New Year’s Day, and that’s at least pretty good. Friday, I got to leave work a bit early, because everyone else was leaving too.

Saturday was mostly normal, but I did get a panicked mail from work about something sort of stupid. This was mostly easy to fix. The person requesting help was grateful, though, which is always nice to see. I brought champagne over to Stephanie’s place, where we had chicken soup and leftovers for dinner. I got a text message at 11:45pm that woke me up, and I thought it was from work, but it was actually from Marcus (who I haven’t actually heard from in aeons.) Anyway.

Sunday hasn’t had all that much. Good to have a relaxing day after everything, and before the rest of the new year leaps on us with fangs bared.