very annoyed cat being bathed, caption 'Why you do this?'Monday was pretty odd in that it was raining off and on all day. This is unusual for the Phoenix area, even though we tend to get more rain in December and January thanks to weather patterns. Work was reasonably OK. Really only had a couple of problems, both of which responded well to a great deal of banging on them with a text editor and a fresh box of cuss words.

Stephanie picked me up from work, since she’d driven in. But while she was driving home, her left windshield wiper blade fell off. I tried to get it back on, but that didn’t work, because I couldn’t get the plastic swivel/hinge bit to stay on the blade’s pin. I thought the blade might need to be replaced, since the hinge was showing signs of wear. Of course, when we got to a nearby auto parts store, the guy at the counter got the hinge to stay on the pin in about half a second. *sigh.* After that, it was easy to get the blade back in place. This took at least 20 minutes, though, and it rained like hell as I was walking back to my place.

Tonight, I’ve been writing Christmas cards. As usual, I included the parody song from this Sluggy comic in a couple of them. Still have a few more to do.