fennec fox sleeping with its paws outTuesday: relatively ordinary work stuff for the most part. The only odd thing was that someone had asked for a bunch of stuff two weeks ago, but phrased it really badly. The guy who did that stuff did what the user said instead of what the user meant. This didn’t work well. So I had to go back in and fix it—which really didn’t take all that long, but it was probably a tiny bit annoying for the poor users. That night, we watched the first half of City of Lost Children, a film with a lot of surreal elements. It was less weird than I remember it, though. Maybe it’s just that the weirdness bar has been raised a lot since 1996.

Wednesday: More pretty ordinary work things. Then we had Rock Band 3, with Chinese food, though my phone dropped its connection twice while I was calling the restaurant to order. We also had Aric as well as Steve. This was pretty good, though Stephanie and I had more problems than I thought we’d have singing harmony vocals.

Thursday: I was the only one from my team in the office. This could’ve been bad, but it really wasn’t. The worst problem was that a bunch of files weren’t where they should’ve been. After far too long, we found out that somebody in another department hadn’t imported those files, and everything worked right after he imported them.

I’ve gotten the last Christmas card sent out. Now I guess it’s time to wrap presents and decorate the tree. . . .