fennec fox on the rocksSo. Wednesday: I was the only person from my team in the office, because the other two people were sick or working from home. This wasn’t too bad and could’ve been a lot worse. The helpdesk gave me a ticket with “User joebob can’t log in.” There is no user named joebob. In fact, “joebob” was part of the user’s password, and it took much longer than it should’ve to find out what the user’s actual username was, so I could reset the password and send the user the new one.

I reheated turducken leftovers and made some rolls, but Steve couldn’t come over for the usual Wednesday night Rock Band 3 because of work. This was a bit annoying. I called it a bit of an early night.

Thursday: I was the only person in the office, again, for most of the day. One guy was still sick, and the other had multiple appointments and was only there for a few hours.

But it was mostly OK. There was an odd ticket about part of the system I’d never had to touch, though. I looked through the documentation. “If they’ve added a new category, make sure that that category has been added to the master list,” the documentation said. I did that. The new category still wasn’t visible. I groveled through the code, looked up all the keywords I could think of, and still wasn’t getting anywhere. Finally, I looked in a semi-obscure config file. Yep, I had to add the new category to that config file. @#$%. At least once I’d done that, everything started working, and I updated the documentation so the next person wouldn’t run into that silly problem.