small Christmas tree that's got a whole bunch of penguins on itAnyway. Friday, I spent the whole day working from home, which was a nice change of pace, even though Moira decided to occupy my lap for most of the day. I spent my lunch break getting some shopping done.

Saturday, I put up the Christmas tree, and Stephanie helped me hang up all the ornaments. You can see the results in the JPEG to the left. It mostly worked out. Stephanie brought a pile of food over. We then finished watching “City of Lost Children”, which I thought was interesting mostly because it was so different from the way any American director/studio would’ve told the story.

Sunday, I did some more shopping, getting (almost) everything for the whole Christmas shindig thing happening in a week. There are still a few things to do. But at least we’ve got a bunch of main dishes, pop, snacks, and coffee. I made dinner (turkey, macaroni and cheese, salad, fruit) and we ate while Moira serenaded us.

So: Back to work tomorrow, though I’ve got Dec. 20..26 off. This will be good. I had originally intended to take the rest of the year off, but since Chris quit, and other people want to take vacation, I’m sort of stuck going to work from Dec. 27..31. Ah well.