cat asleep on bed with both paws outIt seems like it’s been a really, really busy week, which is why there haven’t been any updates.

Wednesday, I actually had the day off. Still had a bunch of stuff to do. Stephanie and some of her cow-orkers held a charity concert during their lunch hour, so I drove out to see that. The flutist made a bunch of mistakes in the first song, but the songs after that had fewer mistakes. They all sang “We Are The World” twice, since they thought some people would only hear half the concert. But they raised about $220 for charity, which was pretty good.

After that, I ran a few errands, then later that evening, Steve came over for the usual Wednesday night Rock Band 3. Stephanie didn’t show up since she’d planned some sort of Girl’s Night Out that night. Things were relatively ordinary, though Steve said that I should keep the title for my condo in my name only, just in case stupid things happen. He’s currently paying the mortgage for his ex-wife’s house, which he isn’t living in, and his own house, so he’s sort of got a good point. The legal system isn’t supposed to be biased against men, but in divorce or family court, men have a hard time getting anything that remotely approximates fairness.

Thursday and Friday, there were stupid things at work, including some people who wanted something pretty complicated done, and first told us about this complex thing at 4pm on Friday. Yeah. That’s a really good idea there.

Saturday, at least there was no work, but there was plenty of stuff to do at home. Like laundry and finding out which one of the fans in my computer was making horrible noises, then replacing it.

That night, Stephanie took us out to dinner at Denny’s. Then we went to try to find a DVD+-RW that’d work with her computer, since her DVD+-RW is showing signs of impending doom as it occasionally refuses to eject. Of course, her computer is pretty superannuated, so this was difficult, since it only has IDE ports and Fried Hardware no longer sells IDE DVD+-RW drives. I have a spare IDE DVD+RW that still works fine, but she wanted to be able to write -R discs too, so we settled on a USB2 drive. It worked, but her machine doesn’t have many USB2 ports since it’s old.

Sunday, the major excitement was going to Nathan’s, since Miguel is in town and wanted to see everybody. We got there fairly early, and brought chips, salsa, and beer. Other people showed up a bit later, with pizza, salad, dessert, wine, shrimp, and vegetables. We saw some of the Bengals-Ravens game, which featured some pretty terrible football mistakes. We also played some Quiz Bowl packets. This is never easy for me, since most of the questions are about TV, movies, and sports.

Trevor had an idea that we tried out: He made up several 8-song Pandora playlists (“80s Hits”, “90s Pop”, “Showtunes”, “Classic Rock”. . . .) and then had all of us submit one song. He had Pandora create a playlist based on each song that we’d submitted. Then we took all of the collected playlists and played “Name That Tune” with them. The results weren’t quite what we’d hoped for with the submitted songs—several of us generated playlists full of really obscure songs that nobody had ever heard of. But it did point out that Miguel and Kelli know more about pop music than any of us, since they could name most 1980s and 1990s songs that were reasonably popular in 1 to 3 notes/chords.

Anyway, things should be back to normal. Looking forward to time off soon, yay. . . .