Bacon wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge: No matter how hard you try, you'll never top thisAnyway. Sunday: the big excitement was having lunch with Nacho and Luly at the Vig. They seemed to really like the food, which is only understandable as it’s pretty high quality. But anyway, Nacho has apparently played many more video games than I have, since he’s either had more spare time or hasn’t ever been doing any programming. After lunch, I went and got groceries, but I forgot to buy enchilada sauce. That meant I had to improvise stuff for dinner instead of making chicken enchiladas. Also, the freezers that are usually full of chicken parts were full of whole frozen turkeys, so I couldn’t get my usual big bag of cheap frozen chicken parts. Not really a big deal.

Monday: Back to work, though several people were on vacation and/or working from home. I got a bunch of stuff done, but I also got a series of really frustrating, stupid errors while trying to set up a new test environment. Maybe tomorrow, some of the people who know more about that set of software can help me figure out what’s going wrong. Anyway, I tried to get rid of as many bits of leftover food as possible that night, since they’ve been piling up.