Soup of the Day: Whiskey!I’m not sure where this came from or what it really means, but it’s just a tad out there.

Sunday had less stuff than Saturday. Stephanie made lunch for us; sandwiches, chicken soup, and deviled eggs. This is a lot more elaborate than what I usually get for lunch. I made dinner; chicken, pasta, and salad. This is not a very elaborate dinner, but it’s inexpensive, nutritious, and tasty.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests have jumped to Europe, and a lot of people are a tad upset about that. What’s interesting is that there’s an “Occupy Phoenix” protest scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 15. I’m really curious about these protests now, mostly because of the comments I’ve seen on the Net about them. One Farker said that Google, Yahoo, and Twitter were censoring stuff related to the protests. This is sort of difficult to verify, naturally. But all the talk on the Net about these things has made me want to attend the protest Saturday and see what the heck is really going on. If so many people are irritated, it might be worth paying attention to. Not sure if I can go there though.

Ever wanted to know how to disrupt an Internet forum? Follow this handy guide! Really, though, all the Net fora I’ve seen don’t need to be disrupted. The participants generally have the attention span of a retarded fruit fly, and will scatter off to whatever topic is newer and/or more interesting.