Monday had one problem: Two text messages from work had apparently gotten stuck somewhere, and they got delivered at 3:30am and 3:50am, over 24 hours late. This was really annoying since they came through with the “this is high priority, deal with this now” ringtone and woke me up for no reason.

Monday itself was fairly normal. Stephanie and I went to the first Tempe Symphony concert of the season on Monday night. They played Beethoven’s Symphony #1, which was interesting and fairly well done, even though it’s not as famous or catchy as his later compositions. We left at the halftime intermission, though, because it was 8:30pm at that point and we both had to go to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday was pretty normal at work. It was great to not get any delayed trouble tickets, at least.

Occupy Phoenix protesters carrying signs and marchingWhile waiting for Stephanie to show up on Tuesday, I saw this small protest march. Didn’t have time to talk to the marchers. Didn’t have my real camera with me, so the picture quality’s terrible. But I guess people are still protesting, even though I’m not sure that it’ll do any good.