Friday: Relatively normal. The conference call and massive amounts of mail and spending about 6 person-hours of work for no results were not because anything was actually wrong. That all happened because some numbers were smaller than some people had predicted. So. . . yeah, it was all a tempest in a teapot. Heck.

Saturday: Stephanie and I are going to watch the Coyotes take on the Kings. This should be interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a hockey game, and I’ve never been to a pro hockey game—just college hockey. This entry will probably post while we’re at the game.

An interesting quote I saw a few days ago:

The real complexity of the tax code comes from the big lie that some income is more desirable than other income, and that some expenses are more desirable than other expenses. Thus most capital gains and dividends, which are deemed desirable, are taxed at lower rates than labor, presumably because people are not supposed to work. The profit that you get by investing your money in someone else’s business to buy goods and having that business sell those goods is supposed to be better than investing your money in your own business and selling those goods yourself. The money spent on maintaining machinery for a business is more deductible than the money spent on maintaining yourself. These are examples of where the unfairness and complexities comes in.

cat with keyboard and mouse, saying 'mine' and 'also mine'