cat with bunny, caption 'my bunny, it gives me the happy!'Friday: Tons of stuff to do at work. It seemed like everyone and their brother had a minor request or a series of them, and I was on the hook for all of them. At least they canceled the 1pm meeting, though they scheduled another meeting at 3pm. Nobody was really happy to have a meeting so late on the day before a long weekend, but I think it was at least partially productive.

And then I found out that Stephanie had tried to text me a couple of times Friday night, and neither of those texts had been delivered. This was just a bit annoying. Both text messages finally got delivered about 12 hours later on Saturday morning. I wonder what was going on.

Saturday: Much more relaxing. Got groceries, did errands, read a book, listened to Moira meow, and got to watch episode 4 of Bablyon 5 season 5. That’s the one which follows two maintenance workers instead of concentrating on the command staff, and it’s interesting in that it shows a totally different side of everything.

Sunday: Again, not that much going on. I did some fooling around with TuxOnIce because someone on the mailing list said that the file allocater in recent kernels didn’t work properly, while the swap partition allocater did. According to my tests, neither allocater works properly, and something stupid’s going on in the lower levels of the block device layer and/or md. I wonder how I can debug/fix this.

There’s supposed to be a trivia group get-together on Monday evening, but I’m not sure that Stephanie and I can make it. She scheduled something for 5pm that day, and I said I’d cook dinner on Monday since she’s cooking dinner on Sunday. Anyway, we’ll probably see the trivia group on Tuesday night since we’ve decided to all go to trivia on the first Tuesday of every month if we can.