hamster chewing on a vegetable snack that looks like a pizzaWednesday, I woke up and saw all sorts of stupid happening with a couple of machines at work while I was trying to eat breakfast. Had to log in and fix everything, and also had to take the late bus. Fortunately, we figured out a way to keep that particular problem from happening later that day.

Then Steve, Stephanie, and I all went to Red Devil for dinner. It was Steve’s birthday, so we got a huge pizza with dead cows and pigs on it, and got Steve a slice of cheesecake. And then it was back to the house for Rock Band 3, which was fun. Steve seems to be having a reasonable time at his new job, though he’s working longer hours than he planned on. After that was over, I got a work call that was really badly put together after I’d been asleep for an hour and a half. Bleah.

fat cat overflowing a cat bed, caption 'It's definitely time for a big boy bed now'Thursday, I was faced with the unenviable challenge of trying to fit 320G of stuff in a 280G disk array. The picture above was mostly what happened. There were a number of other programming problems, and there was also some bonehead who didn’t know when not to use passive voice. “There were some questions with X” is not a way to ask “I had some questions about X” and disclaim responsibility, and it just makes you look like a weasel and irritate those of us who actually know how to write.