young bunnies lying on the floor with their paws upUsually, they don’t do “paws up” in quite that way, but we’ll take it.

Wednesday: Stuff was reasonably normal at work, but there was no Rock Band. Steve apparently had to work late, and Stephanie didn’t really want to rock out without Steve, so all I ended up doing was eating dinner and reading some.

Thursday: More stuff. Stephanie had to dress up and take her violin to work for some sort of open house thing. Mike got off at my bus stop, saying that he had to attend a conference or series of meetings about solar energy that was nearby. I went to hit the bathroom in the morning, and there was a sign in front of the bathroom that said “DANGER: Do Not Enter.” This was a little odd. I’m not sure what could be that dangerous in a bathroom. I did an impromptu “how to use iptables” session in the afternoon because some people had questions.

Stephanie said the violin playing had gone well, but that her dress shoes hurt her feet. (Women’s dress shoes seem to be designed to inflict pain, while men’s dress shoes are only sort of uncomfortable.) I got an invitation/flyer to some sort of charity event in October, but the tickets are $75/person. I don’t know that I could afford that even if the tickets are tax deductible.

Bill’s last day at work tomorrow. This is semi-annoying, but life goes on.