cat saying 'I have seen the end! No one was spared, not even the children!'Friday: heard that a couple of the senior people upstairs have had it with the complete idiocy from corporate, and are leaving for greener pastures. This is great for them. This will be a total pain for those of us who are left. So this wasn’t particularly fun or exciting. No idea how much fallout I’ll have to deal with, but I’m currently trying to remember all the Java I did many years ago in case they saddle me with the Android development.

Saturday: Not all that much was going on. I got some stuff done at home. Stephanie made Cajun fish, rice, and okra for dinner.

Sunday: Did some more shopping, did some reading, and made chicken and pasta and salad for dinner. Also tried to register for an account at Green Tree Servicing, who bought my mortgage from Bank of America (spit), and couldn’t do it. I filled in the form with all the appropriate info, then got a 30-second wait, then a blank page. This usually means that the “web designers” didn’t account for the fact that a lot of people aren’t using Internet Exploder, or that something seriously wrong is happening on the backend. I’ll try again tomorrow, since at the office I’ll have an OS X box with Safari, but that may not work either. Google hasn’t given me much positive info on Green Tree. I had hoped they were less evil and stupid than Bank of America, but they’re certainly less competent in building web apps.