cat playing with Lego stormtrooper figuresTons of stuff going on, so much that I haven’t written an update in a while. Anyway.

Wednesday, we had Rock Band 3 and Chinese food at Stephanie’s house instead of my house. Joy and Steve were there, and it all worked out fairly well.

Thursday, it was Stephanie’s birthday, so a whole bunch of her friends and a few people from trivia gathered at Sweet Tomatoes (Stephanie’s favorite restaurant) for dinner. This was kind of fun, since I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. Stephanie specified “no gifts”, but at least a couple of people got her something besides a card. Anyway, we all had a good time and got back very late.

Friday, I didn’t have to work, since I had an on-call day coming. I spent some of that getting my watch fixed. This cost more than I’d hoped, but at least it was a lot cheaper than buying a new watch. The D-Backs also clinched the NL West playoff spot that day, which was exciting. I didn’t do all that much else.

Saturday, we finalized the plans for Sunday, where at least a few of us are going out to the Casa Grande rifle range since we haven’t been out there in months. This should be kind of fun, at least.