capybara in San Diego Zoo snoozingTrivia: It started an hour later than usual on Tuesday night, but most of the usual crowd were there. John’s decided to grow a beard. He looks a bit like Evil Spock from “Mirror, Mirror”, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. Kelli is apparently doing very well at using a .38 at the pistol range. Nobody’s seen any really terrible movies recently. We got a perfect score in the first half, which was almost unprecedented. The Halloween party is still on, but nobody knows where yet.

Wednesday: Pretty ordinary day at work. Steve and Stephanie came over for Chinese food and Rock Band 3. Steve’s learning all kinds of stuff about OS X and trying to shoot basketball left-handed so that he can get an edge in the new company’s periodic games of H.O.R.S.E. Stephanie and I decided to get tickets to the baseball game on Sep. 11, since prices were lower than for the game on Sep. 10. (They’re giving away a free replica World Series ring to attendees on Sep. 10.) We called it an early night, though.

Thursday: I found out that morning that has a pretty annoying failure mode where it’ll look like it’s running just fine but won’t periodically check for new mail. This meant I missed several mails that people had sent Wednesday after about 2:30pm. Bleah. Well, it didn’t take that long to fix/fiddle with all the stuff they wanted me to fiddle with. I’m just glad nothing insanely important happened during that mailless period.

Then there was some stupidity with a request I’d made that had never been routed to the right people, so instead of being done in 2 days, it took 3.5 weeks. Kind of annoying, but that’s the sort of thing that you get every so often.

Still haven’t had much time to play around with the kernel OOPS for TuxOnIce in 3.0.3 and figure out what’s really causing it. The kludge I wrote works, but it’s not a great way to do things.

And of course, the big San Diego..Yuma power outage is causing stupid problems for Stephanie’s parents. Hope it all works out OK for them. . . .