Justin Upton pinch-hitting against San DiegoSunday, the really big thing was going to the baseball game with Stephanie. We got slightly better seats than usual this time, because the cheaper seats we usually get weren’t available. But what the heck. We took the rail to the game, and the train was totally full—we had to stand up for some of the trip. The game on Saturday was more popular and more expensive, because they were giving out replica World Series rings to the first 15,000 people, so I have no idea how much more annoying it must’ve been then. We got there about half an hour before the game started, so we had some time to look around. The store selling official Diamondbacks merchandise is a lot larger than it looks from the outside. This makes a lot of sense; maximize the revenue opportunity.

Baxter the Diamondbacks mascot signs a kid's shirtIn the third inning, Baxter the mascot showed up near our section, posed for pictures, and signed people’s stuff. This was sort of neat. While this was going on, another ballpark employee was sitting nearby and taking notes with a clipboard. I guess they’re trying to find ways to engage with the fans better, or something. (Having a team that’s fun to watch and is winning ball games helps a lot with fan engagement.)

Of course, Stephanie got her hat signed:
Diamondbacks hat signed by Baxter

The game was. . . well, Collmenter did not pitch well, and even a late rally against the San Diego bullpen couldn’t save the Diamondbacks. It was fun all the same. Then we went home, I cooked dinner, and that was about it.

Monday had fairly ordinary Monday things, plus some stupidity with an overly-broad denial rule that caused a head-scratching problem. Anyhow. Let’s hope stuff will continue to be fairly quiet. . . .