graph of size of explosion vs. number of problems remaining unsolved, looks like y=1/xSunday: The big excitement was going out with Stephanie, Dan, Andrina, and Zach to the rifle range. It was pretty crowded. I set the dead hard disk at 200 yards, but nobody hit it. “You were getting pretty close. You were either up and right or down and left every time, though,” Zach said after I’d fired 10 rounds at it. Zach couldn’t hit it with his scoped Nagant either. We had much better luck with the pistol targets, though high winds ripped all the paper off of both targets before we’d finished with them. Ah well.

Then we all tried to go to a restaurant in the old downtown of Casa Grande. It was so crowded that they didn’t have a table big enough for all of us inside. We didn’t want to sit outside in 100°F heat, so we went to Eva’s instead even though we went there last time. No problem. Well, Dan was driving behind us, and he got lost, so I tried to call him and found the phone# I had for him was out of date. Oops. We got to the restaurant, tried again to call him and/or find his number, and were about to send Zach driving out when Dan pulled into the parking lot. Crisis averted.

Sarah fed Cathal a small bit of bean dip. Cathal liked it at first. Then he noticed that it was mildly spicy, and started crying. (5-month-old children don’t like spicy food that much.)

Went home, cleaned the guns, made dinner, sacked out most righteously.

Monday: Mostly normal. There was only one really weird problem, which actually required almost all of us to solve. There are a number of things I’ll have to fix, but I have a good start on them, and will get the rest tomorrow.