please wait, kitty is processing your stupidThe amount of stupid in the comments in this article beggars belief. I know there are a lot of people who know nothing about science, but the sorry-ass hypothesis postulated by one of the commenters there is easily tested with a double-blind study.

I’m not a physics or psychology researcher, but I think something like this would work: Make 2 small electronic devices with identical casings. One has a red LED that blinks every 15 seconds and sends out low-power RF transmissions on public frequency bands when the LED blinks. The other has a red LED that blinks every 15 seconds and emits no RF at all. Have one person put each device into one room; that person is then not allowed to have any contact with any study subject or experimenter until later. Take about 20 people who are “sensitive to periodic low-power RF transmissions” and say they suffer negative health effects from them. Put each of those people into one of those rooms, and keep them there for roughly an hour. Ask them whether they experienced any negative effects from being in those rooms. After all the experimental subjects have filled out questionnaires and left, the person who decided where the device went tells the experimenters, “The RF emitter was in room N.”

I’m positive that any difference in negative effects reported would not be statistically significant. Ah well. There are a lot of people who believe that anything they don’t understand or requires more than 30 seconds to learn about must be harmful in some way, and there are a lot of people who don’t understand a lot of stuff.