cat with face in sofa, caption 'this is mah job'Weekend’s over, back to work. This wasn’t actually that bad, even though a bunch of stuff had piled up and needed to be cleared. There were some problems with mail, and some weirdness with a database, but those were things I could handle.

The plan™ for trivia is for everyone to go on the first Tuesday of every month. So we’re all heading out there. The thing is, trivia’s starting at 8pm today, instead of the usual 7pm start time, so I’m going to be late getting home and all that. Trying some Major Hackage™ to try and get TuxOnIce working with kernel 3.0.3, and wondering what it’ll do. Maybe I’ll learn something from it, which would at least be semi-useful in the future.

After trying that: It worked! It’s a pretty horrible kludge, but it does allow me to suspend and resume with 3.0.3. Good grief. There’s got to be a better way to do things. I just don’t know enough about the kernel internals to figure out what that way is right now.