fountain with lights at the Viejas casino outside San DiegoThis is a computer-driven fountain with lights and music at the casino we all went to last Sunday night. While it wasn’t insanely spectacular, I thought it was worth trying to take a picture of it.

Tuesday, it was back to work. Some stuff had piled up. I took care of it reasonably easily, but it took a lot of the day. Then Stephanie and I watched some more of Babylon 5 season 5.

Wednesday had relatively ordinary work things, as well as the news that a meeting that used to be on Tuesday had moved to Wednesday. This is slightly inconvenient. Well, we do what we have to. It took longer than I expected, but two of my co-workers finally snapped up the miniature tripod flashlights I’d brought. There seems to be a consensus that we should all attend trivia on the first Tuesday of every month, since everyone can remember that.

Then we had the usual Wednesday night Rock Band 3. Steve was sort of excited about his new job, and said that he was getting a new Mac soon. I suggested he name it “The Knife”, but his officemates may not take well to silly jokes like that.

Thursday had a head-scratching MySQL moment, but I eventually figured that out. Stephanie didn’t take the bus, since she had to pick up a cake for her boss’s surprise birthday party. They’re talking about doing something on Labor Day. I don’t know if I’m going to go. We’re going to trivia on Tuesday and having the usual Rock Wednesday, after all.